November 13, 2012


Syracuse, N.Y. – The Le Moyne College Athletic Department partnered with the Office of Campus Life and Leadership to host Julia Garcia during the fall semester.

Garcia, an author, motivational speaker and founder of, hosted two campus presentations directed towards campus faculty and staff and later to students as part of the College’s Alcohol Awareness Week.

Titled Sex, Drugs, Alcohol & Everything In Between, Garcia’s presentation was delivered to a crowd of over 300, including 225 Le Moyne student-athletes. A former Division II student-athlete herself, Garcia presented her real-life college experiences that included excessive partying that led her to significant personal tragedies.

Among the many student-athletes was Vincent Redmond, a graduate student and member of the baseball team.  

“Julia did an excellent job relating her experience to the students. By sharing her experiences, Julia opened up so that the students could relate to her. The activities encouraged group participation so individuals could see that they are not alone in their struggles. She was inspirational having been through so many negative things, yet she has had the strength and fortitude to become successful. Coming from a former Division II student-athlete, her story was that much more relatable and it hit home.”

With Julia’s ability to connect to the audience, her amazing story from her first day she started drinking continuing into her teenage years and college, she engaged the students and reflected on each of their own life experiences. Her simple, but effective message reinforced to students that “they were not alone”. She reminded the students to stay ‘Tru’ to themselves and make the right choices when it comes to being social and keep their goals within reach.