May 1, 2013


Spring time always seems to be the busiest time of year, especially in Le Moyne Athletics, when the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams are competing, baseball and softball are taking the field - contingent on rain (or snow) and field conditions, of course, and then throw in tennis matches and numerous rounds of golf. There is a lot of activity on and off campus!

With all this activity, we sometimes forget the time, effort, and resources that go in to building these programs and all of our programs that happen throughout the year. It is not only our student-athletes but it’s the coaches, support staff, fans, and those who provide philanthropic support that make Le Moyne Athletics what it is.

On April 18th, a group of Le Moyne student-athletes took the time to acknowledge these people and volunteered to be part of our annual thank-a-thon. In collaboration with SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Council), these students called our donors to simply say thank you…thank you for remembering Le Moyne Athletics, and thank you for cheering us on, and thank you for your gift.

While our student-athletes enjoyed talking to or leaving messages for the people who support their programs, they were also reminded how important it is to give back. As Madison Hahesy, a member of the women’s basketball team, said “I really enjoyed the thank-a-thon because I had no idea who made donations to the athletic association, or how the funds were set up. I am glad I had the opportunity to understand how many people are a part of the Le Moyne Community, and how their experiences have stuck with them through their lives.”

Our student-athlete thank-a-thon is also part of the bigger picture that includes the entire Le Moyne College Community. On May 1st, the second annual college-wide Philanthropy Day took place. Philanthropy Day is a celebration of the joy of altruism and the importance of showing appreciation and thanks to the alumni, friends, staff, faculty, parents and students who contribute to Le Moyne. It is also an effort to teach current students about the challenges of operating the College; without gifts to the Le Moyne College Fund and the College’s endowment, Le Moyne would not be able to fully meet its commitment to our students.

To learn more about the Dolphin Athletic Association, contact Kasha Godleski, Associate Director for Athletic Advancement at or by calling (315) 445-4772.